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About Us

We run a series of workshops to provide one another with basic tools and skills to support each other in our mental distress, and in our journeys towards recovery wholeness.

The Peer Tree was created by young adults, for young adults in early 2016 as a response to the growing need for mental health peer support in Wellington City.

We found that a lot of young adults can feel isolated in their study, work, and lives in general, so we started a community for folks to connect and journey with,
as they pursue wholeness in their wellbeing.

Our Values

Relating to others through our own mental health journeys.

Creating safe spaces free of stigma and discrimination to help us navigate our mental wellbeing.

Creating better stories for our lives.

Becoming our own advocates for our mental wellbeing.

We run social groups for those who identify as experiencing mental distress.

The Peer Tree is an initiative of Kites Trust,

a consumer-lead mental health organisation that provides peer support, education and research in all areas of mental health. 

To find out more, go to: www.kites.org.nz

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